Home – Basic Instructions

The map can be accessed here: https://qgiscloud.com/bheile/Musical_Modernism

The map is intended to show three things.

  1. Major conservatories around the world with their date of foundation.
  2. The first dodecaphonic composition for each country.
  3. The date of entry to the International Society of Contemporary Music for each country and whether membership is active or has lapsed.

By clicking on a country or a conservatoire symbol  you receive information (sometimes this triggers several fields, in which case it becomes necessary to select an entry).

In general, shading represents chronology, with darker colours representing earlier dates (deeper blue for earlier entry dates to the ISCM and earlier dodecaphonic compositions, darker reds, shading into light yellow, for older conservatoires). Lapsed ISCM membership is shown through diagonal slashes in a red-orange colour.

For obvious reasons, the shading for twelve-note composition and ISCM entry cannot be shown simultaneously. To switch between them, click on ‘Map & Tools’ in the upper right corner, then ‘Layers & Legend’. Click either ‘twelve-note’ or ‘ISCM Membership Status’ and ‘ISCM Membership Date’. Clicking on the settings cog and the little ‘i’ reveals legends, although these are largely self-explanatory.